Rob Lindeman

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Recent trends in software development directed toward intelligence, distribution, and mobility have brought sophisticated software artifacts that often come with some unwanted side effects; frequent interruptions, for instance. In general, people are less effective when exposed to interruptions. We have created a framework that helps in selecting the most(More)
  • R D Lindeman
  • Journal of the American College of Nutrition
  • 1982
With the development of accurate and precise techniques for quantifying sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium concentrations, a vast literature has been generated indicating that deficits and excesses of these cations in the body create many clinical challenges for the physician. Iron has received its share of attention as the most abundant trace metal(More)
This paper describes a Virtual Environment system designed to aid in training interventional radiologists in inferior vena cava filter placement. It is being developed as part of a VE simulator for a number of surgical and interventional radiology procedures at the Laboratory for Advanced Computer Applications in Medicine at the George Washington(More)
In the context of medicine cutting is one of the most important operations. Many surgical tasks start with an incision, allowing the surgeon to access the region of interest, using either conventional or minimal invasive surgery techniques. The work presented herein should be seen in the context of surgical training and preoperative planning using computer(More)
  • R D Lindeman
  • Journal of the American College of Nutrition
  • 1989
The deviations from normal health produced by abnormalities in trace mineral metabolism in patients with renal disease and renal disorders produced by deficiencies or excesses of these trace minerals serve as the focus for this symposium on trace minerals and the kidney. Zinc, the trace mineral of most interest of the nephrologist, and aluminum, the(More)
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