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For high performance computer system applications, there are limitations for reliably and cost effectively attaching high I/O count ceramic packages on thick boards. Moreover, there is a lack of Pb-free solder joint reliability data for large pin count packages in general. To address these limitations and extend ceramic package technology for Pb-free(More)
Exascale computing will be as much about solving problems with the least power/energy as about solving them quickly. In the future, systems are likely to be over-provisioned with processors and will rely on hardware-enforced power bounds to allow operation within power budget/thermal design limits. Variability in High Performance Computing (HPC) makes(More)
In this paper we present a 2&#x00D7;2 phased array system consisting of beam reconfigurable Square Loop Antenna (SLA) as its unit element. Each SLA has four feeding ports and can provide four off bore-sight tilted beams (8.6dBi at &#x03B8;<sub>max</sub>=32&#x00B0;) in four quadrants of space. It is demonstrated that these four tilted beams can be combined(More)
A 2&#x00D7;2 array of pattern adaptive Square Loop Antennas (SLA) is presented. The antenna generates off-boresight tilted beams (14.4dBi at &#x03B8;<sub>max</sub> =32&#x00B0;) in four different quadrant of &#x03A6;<sub>max</sub>=45&#x00B0;, &#x03A6;<sub>max</sub>=135&#x00B0;, &#x03A6;<sub>max</sub>=225&#x00B0; and &#x03A6;<sub>max</sub>=315&#x00B0;, when(More)
In the pursuit of cost effective conformal antenna array design, an efficient and fast Finite-Difference Time Domain (FDTD) model is a highly desirable tool. This paper evaluates the performance of the University of Bristol Electrical Engineering Departments FDTD Model. The model is used to predict the antenna array patterns and inter element coupling for a(More)
The design of conformal antenna arrays has historically been carried out by warping suitable planar antenna arrays to the desired radius of curvature. There has been little investigation into the effects of characteristic antenna performance on conformal array performance as the radii of curvature is varied. This paper presents a Variable Geometry Conformal(More)
A wireless network integrated in the current &#x2018;multicam&#x2019; uniform worn in operational environments by the British Army is described, based on body worn antennas and 802.11n network technology, for communication within patrols. The antennas are lightweight, flexible, robust, and contain a novel integrated balun, which together with the antenna(More)
A beam steerable Square Loop Antenna (SLA) on a ~&#x03BB;<sub>0</sub>/10 substrate has been designed for conformal platforms. The curving is done on a symmetric spherical surface and its effect on antenna performance is analyzed. The bend limit to which the antenna retains beam adaptive characteristics is reported. The SLA has four feeds and generates a(More)
A planer pattern reconfigurable square loop antenna integrated in a complete wireless system is presented. The antenna is designed to operate at 5 GHz WiFi band of IEEE 802.11 ac. The antenna under electronic switching generates four tilted beams in the four space quadrants. These four beams are moved intelligently and automatically in space using a C#(More)
A 2&#x00D7;2 phased array antenna consisting of pattern reconfigurable Square Loop Antennas (SLAs) is presented for high gain wide angle scanning. The single element SLA works in two modes. The first is the tilted beam mode in which it can generate four tilted beams in four quadrants and the second mode is the axial radiation mode. In this paper, it is(More)