Rob L. M. van Montfort

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The 2.7 Å structure of wheat HSP16.9, a member of the small heat shock proteins (sHSPs), indicates how its α-crystallin domain and flanking extensions assemble into a dodecameric double disk. The folding of the monomer and assembly of the oligomer are mutually interdependent, involving strand exchange, helix swapping, loose knots and hinged extensions. In(More)
We describe and apply a scaffold-focused virtual screen based upon scaffold trees to the mitotic kinase TTK (MPS1). Using level 1 of the scaffold tree, we perform both 2D and 3D similarity searches between a query scaffold and a level 1 scaffold library derived from a 2 million compound library; 98 compounds from 27 unique top-ranked level 1 scaffolds are(More)
Daniel K. Whelligan, Savade Solanki, Dawn Taylor, Douglas W. Thomson, Kwai-Ming J. Cheung, Kathy Boxall, Corine Mas-Droux, Caterina Barillari, ) Samantha Burns, Charles G. Grummitt, Ian Collins, Rob L. M. van Montfort, ) G. Wynne Aherne, Richard Bayliss, and Swen Hoelder* Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit, The Institute of Cancer Research, 15(More)
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