Rob J W de Keizer

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PURPOSE To evaluate risk factors for local recurrence, regional and distant metastases, and mortality associated with conjunctival melanoma. METHODS This was a retrospective study of 194 patients with histologically confirmed conjunctival melanoma diagnosed between 1950 and 2002 in the Netherlands. Data were collected from all university centers and many(More)
To assess the effect of glaucoma and timolol on tear secretion, basal tear turnover was measured with fluorophotometry in 13 open-angle glaucoma patients not using any ophthalmic medication, 24 patients using timolol medication daily, and 41 healthy control subjects. Basal tear turnover is defined as the tear turnover at the lowest level of reflex(More)
Ags expressed at immune privileged sites and other peripheral tissues are able to induce T cell tolerance. In this study, we analyzed whether tolerance toward an intraocular tumor expressing a highly immunogenic CTL epitope is maintained, broken, or reverted into immunity in the event the anatomical integrity of the eye is lost. Inoculation of tumor cells(More)
AIMS To present three patients with a syringomatous carcinoma (SC). SC is a rare cutaneous neoplasm, most frequently situated on the face and scalp and histologically characterised by an infiltrative pattern of basaloid or squamous cells, a desmoplastic stromal reaction, keratin filled cysts, and granular structures. METHODS The clinical histories of the(More)
Uveal melanomas (UM) originate from melanocytes in the interior wall of the eye, namely from the iris, ciliary body and the choroid with marked differences in light exposure (from dark anterior to illuminated posterior). In contrast to UV radiation, focused or converging visible light readily reaches the retina and can damage DNA which possibly contributes(More)
AIMS To investigate whether routine testing for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is necessary in the examination of a patient with uveitis. METHODS Intraocular EBV DNA was determined in 183 ocular fluid samples taken from patients with AIDS and uveitis, HIV negative immunocompromised uveitis, acute retinal necrosis, toxoplasma chorioretinitis, intraocular(More)
PURPOSE Steady state tear turnover (TTO), defined as TTO under normal physiological conditions, is significantly lower in patients with untreated glaucoma than in healthy control subjects. To obtain more information on the effect of glaucoma on lacrimation, a method for quantification of reflex lacrimation was developed and applied to patients with glaucoma(More)
BACKGROUND Uveal melanomas can develop in the choroid, ciliary body and iris. In choroidal and ciliary body melanomas, specific chromosomal changes correlate with metastatic disease. Iris melanomas have a better prognosis than choroidal melanomas, and it would be interesting to know if they share chromosomal changes. In addition, iris melanomas might(More)
Purpose. To analyze and describe corneal and conjunctival tumor thickness and internal characteristics and extension in depth and size and shape measured by two noninvasive techniques, anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) and ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM). Design. Systematic review. Methods. This systematic review is based on a(More)