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current version: osstmm.2.0 release candidate 6 notes: This is a preview release version to for 2.0 and not an update for version 1.5. This version focuses on security testing from the outside to the inside. This has not been peer-reviewed. Those who have been contributed to this manual in consistant, valuable ways have been listed here although many more(More)
OBJECTIVES To revise the static and dynamic normative values for the two-point discrimination test and to examine its applicability and validity in patients with a polyneuropathy. METHODS Two-point discrimination threshold values were assessed in 427 healthy controls and 99 patients mildly affected by a polyneuropathy. The controls were divided into seven(More)
Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a common neurological side-effect of cancer treatment and may lead to declines in patients' daily functioning and quality of life. To date, there are no modern clinimetrically well-evaluated outcome measures available to assess disability in CIPN patients. The objective of the study was to develop an(More)
The sections and modules are based on the 2.0 model still. However, with this version the OSSTMM is bridging to the new 3.0 structure. After a year and a half, we have collected more than enough information to ensure better and more thorough security testing however the current format did not suffice for the collected information. The newer format will(More)
A breadboard 4.5 K helium sorption cooler for use in vibration-sensitive space missions was developed and successfully tested. This type of cooler has no moving parts and is, therefore, essentially vibration-free. The absence of moving parts also simplifies scaling down of the cooler to small sizes, and it contributes to achieving a very long lifetime. In(More)
The clinical observation that patients with an alcohol amnestic disorder get grey hair at a higher age was investigated by comparing a group of Korsakov patients and patients with alcohol abuse with a reference sample from the literature. Korsakoff patients appeared to be significantly less grey than age-matched alcoholics and controls. Some putative(More)
In this dissertation the feasibility of creating a page-cache efficient storage-and messaging solution with integrity geared access control for a scalable forensic framework is researched. The Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA),a lab-side scal-able computer forensics framework, introduced the concept of a message passing concurrency based forensic(More)
  • E M L A H B N, E G A A Asselman, +5 authors J Hornstra
  • 2014
These publications are contributed by staff of laboratories and plants which form part of or cooperate with enterprises of the Philips group of companies, particularly by staff of the following research laboratories: Reprints of most of these publications will be available in the near future. Requests for reprints should be addressed to the respective(More)
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