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UK health policy is concerned with emphasising nutritional status as a factor in the relationship of social inequalities to health outcomes. This paper examines pupil and parent responses to an after-school 'Food Club' designed to promote food preparation skills and healthier food choices amongst 12-13 year olds in low-income areas in North East England.(More)
Dietary patterns and change in eating habits are influenced by multiple factors from an individual's internal and external environment. A longitudinal dietary survey study provided quantitative evidence of dietary change and investigated factors influencing dietary change from adolescence to adulthood, using sociodemographic data and participants' own(More)
One approach to providing affordable operator training in the workplace is to augment applications with intelligent embedded training systems (ETS). Intelligent embedded training is highly interactive: trainees practice realistic problem-solving tasks on the prime application with guidance and feedback from the training system. This article makes three(More)
This paper summarizes several initiatives at MITRE that are investigating the visualization of a range of content. We present results of our work in relevancy visualization, news visualization, world events visualization and sensor/battlefield visualization to enhance user interaction in information access and exploitation tasks. We summarize several(More)
This paper presents an approach to information access based on spatiotemporal indexing. We describe GeoNODE, a “news on demand” system that visualizes news stories and other articles in terms of chronological time lines, geographical maps, and spatiotemporal animations. This spatiotemporal indexing is critically informed by our information extraction(More)
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