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Acetaminophen overdose induces severe liver injury and hepatic failure. There is evidence that inflammatory cells may be involved in the pathophysiology. Thus, the aim of this investigation was to characterize the neutrophilic inflammatory response after treatment of C3Heb/FeJ mice with 300 mg/kg acetaminophen. A time course study showed that neutrophils(More)
Measurements of radon at 50 sites with varying geology indicate that outdoor air in Nevada is comparable to that measured nationwide by Hopper et al. (1991). The statewide median of 15 Bq m-3 (0.4 pCi L-1) is essentially the same as the nationwide median. The range is considerable: from 2.6-52 Bq m-3 (0.07-1.40 pCi L-1). Variations in these measurements can(More)
The rich environments and detailed characters in <i>The Jungle Book</i> presented various challenges for the FX department. Not just in the complexity of the work but the sheer number of shots we had to complete quickly and efficiently. We were required to create physically believable simulations that would blend seamlessly with their surroundings, while(More)
For <i>Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales</i> MPC faced the creative challenge to produce highly believable ocean and water effects interacting with full-CG ships and characters. This included pirate ships emerging from the bottom of the sea, a parting ocean giving space to an enormous three dimensional set, and a model ship in a bottle(More)
As an element of the joint IAEA-EPA International Radon Metrology Evaluation Program, a climatic test of long-term integrating radon detectors was conducted at the U.S. EPA Radiation and Indoor Environments National Laboratory. The objective of this study was to test the performance of commonly used commercially available long-term 222Rn detector systems(More)
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna and the European Union (EU) in Bruxelles formed the "International Radon Metrology Programme" (IRMP, scientific secretary: F. Steinhäusler, University of Salzburg, Austria). The IRMP is designed to assess and foster the improvement of radon and decay product measurements that are made around the world.(More)
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