Rob Hammond

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  • Xiaoyu Chen, Gary B Wills, Lester Gilbert, David Bacigalupo, Steve Arjuna, Stuart Wheater Caughey +44 others
  • 2010
The purpose of the TeciRes project was to conduct a technical review of the current landscape within cloud computing to establish the extent to which existing solutions meet encountered and envisioned requirements for using emerging cloud technologies, in particular those which enable computing and storage cloud facilities for research in Higher Education(More)
Programmed cell death or apoptosis plays a central role during the development of the brain, but can also be activated by hypoxic/ischemic insult. The purpose of the present study was to determine the regional distribution of apoptotic cells in the preterm and near term ovine fetal brain and thus in relation to the maturation of neurobehavioural activity,(More)
Fetal hypoxic episodes may occur antepartum with the potential to induce systemic and cerebral inflammatory responses thereby contributing to brain injury. We hypothesized that intermittent umbilical cord occlusions (UCOs) of sufficient severity but without cumulative acidosis will lead to a fetal inflammatory response. Thirty-one chronically instrumented(More)
While concerns for local and global ecological issues increase, there is a growing need for the conservation of functioning ecosystems; as land management evolves in scope and emphasis, land managers are in need of new tools. Graph theory, a relatively efficient mathematical modeling approach, has been used for modeling and analyzing an array of networks(More)
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