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The safety of ADHD medications is not fully known. Concerns have arisen about both a lack of contemporary-standard information about medications first licensed several decades ago, and signals of possible harm arising from more recently developed medications. These relate to both relatively minor adverse effects and extremely serious issues such as sudden(More)
A few statistics help to illustrate the scale of these developments and the pace of change. First, growth in the fi nancial sector has strongly outpaced that of GDP in the major industrial economies, with the share of the fi nancial sector in total value added rising a third from 5 per cent to nearly 7 per cent since 1985 (Ferguson et al, forthcoming).(More)
INTRODUCTION Clinical confusion continues to exist regarding the underestimation of cancers among patients on active surveillance and among men with repeated negative prostate biopsies despite worrisome prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. We have previously described our initial experience with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based detection of tumours(More)
PURPOSE In prostate cancer biopsy Gleason score predicts stage and helps determine active surveillance suitability. Evidence suggests that small incremental differences in the quantitative percent of Gleason pattern 4 on biopsy stratify disease extent, biochemical failure following surgery and eligibility for active surveillance. We explored the overall(More)
PURPOSE Prostate Cancer (PCa) overdiagnosis and overtreatment is a concern for clinicians and policy makers. Multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) and the PCA3 urine test select for clinically significant cases. We explore how well the tests perform in combination for men with previous biopsies. MATERIALS AND METHODS We collected clinicopathologic data from all(More)
Comparative studies between two measles virus strains isolated from patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) and a prototype low tissue culture passage Edmonston measles virus are described. Differences were noted in several properties. The findings described in this report suggest that strains of measles virus associated with SSPE have(More)
In the paper, we chronicle the instantiation and adventures of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk), an ensemble of laptops, humans, hemispherical speaker arrays, interfaces, and, more recently, mobile smart phones. Motivated to deeply explore computer-mediated live performance, SLOrk provides a platform for research, instrument design, sound design, new(More)
Potassium homeostasis is dependent on many physiologic and metabolic factors. Potassium level testing by the clinical laboratory can aid the emergency physician in planning treatment in suspected cases of potassium depletion or excess. Familiarization with indications for ordering tests of potassium level and correct interpretation of test results is(More)
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Real-time data generated by virtual actors and their mediated interactions in simulated space can be repurposed to dynamically generate sound and music. Procedural audio and music systems afford interaction designers, composers and sound artists the opportunity to create tight couplings between the visual and auditory modalities. Designing procedural(More)
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