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Eleven cases of bilateral diffuse microlithiasis of the testes were evaluated sonographically. The presence of testicular microlithiasis was coincidental to the presence of testicular neoplasms (n = 2), nontesticular malignant lesion in the abdomen or chest (n = 2), subfertility (n = 2), varicocele (n = 1), epididymitis (n = 1), testicular maldescent (n =(More)
In the rnid-1980s. Chrts Dare’s “12 rules” for distributed database systems included replication. Repi ication makes transparent the problems of remote access de]dys and the management of data redundancy. The commercial market for distributed database features has been slowly building over the years. beginning with simple remote access gateways. Today.(More)
Six serious pleural complications (three empyemas, two hemothoraces, and one bilious effusion) have occurred after use of the right intercostal approach to the upper abdomen in 230 interventional radiologic procedures performed over the last 3 years. The anatomy of the pleural reflection in the right costophrenic sulcus is reviewed and correlated with a(More)
Abdominal sonograms were obtained for three patients who had clinically suspected abscesses. There were abnormal fluid collections that, when viewed from a posterior position, demonstrated a horizontal line representing an air-fluid level. Abdominal abscesses containing air were confirmed by both horizontal beam radiography and surgery. Since ultrasound(More)