Rob Gillen

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The P-O-ethyl ester of cAMP has been synthesized, its inhibition of solid and ascites tumors studied, and its pattern of urinary excretion followed. Et-cAMP is more effective than cAMP against solid sarcoma 180 in mice and against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in tissue culture. The urinary excretion pattern of injected E-t-cAMP suggests that about(More)
Forensic document analysis has become an important aspect of investigation of many different kinds of crimes from money laundering to fraud and from cybercrime to smuggling. The current workflow for analysts includes powerful tools, such as Palantir and Analyst's Notebook, for moving from evidence to actionable intelligence and tools for finding documents(More)
Modern computer network defense systems rely primarily on signature-based intrusion detection tools, which generate alerts when patterns that are pre-determined to be malicious are encountered in network data streams. Signatures are created reactively, and only after in-depth manual analysis of a network intrusion. There is little ability for(More)
With the increase in digital data within the realm of law enforcement digital forensics comes significant challenges in the form of data discovery and analysis. The Redeye Text Analysis Workbench, produced by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, seeks to bridge the gap between existing data acquisition and higher-level data analysis systems in which forensic(More)
Cyclic AMP was converted to its phosphotriesters according to the classical approach of phosphate activation with a sulfonyl chloride, followed by esterification with an alcohol. The methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl and cetyl triesters were prepared, and some of their physical-chemical properties determined. Alkaline hydrolysis of these alkyl phosphotriesters(More)
In a world where large-scale text collections are not only becoming ubiquitous but also are growing at increasing rates, near duplicate documents are becoming a growing concern that has the potential to hinder many different information filtering tasks. While others have tried to address this problem, prior techniques have only been used on limited(More)