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Suicide and self-destructive behavior are strongly influenced by a negative thought process, referred to here as the "voice." The voice process represents a well-integrated pattern of thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, antithetical to self and hostile toward others, that is at the core of a patient's self-limitations and self-defeating actions. The voice(More)
Deaf persons' access to health-related information is limited by barriers to spoken or written language: they cannot overhear information; they have limited access to television, radio, and other channels for public information; and the average reading level of Deaf adults is at a 3rd to 4th grade level. However, literature searches revealed no published(More)
Negative cognitions are capable of interfering with the natural flow of excitement and sexual desire at any point prior to, during, or following a sexual encounter. The source of these inimical thought patterns can be found in internalized parental attitudes that are transmitted intergenerationally and that also form the basis of sexual stereotyping. This(More)
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