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During perceptually intensive tasks such as reading, there is a bottleneck in the information transfer between the large number of alphanumeric characters available and the acquiring of these characters. This is due mainly to the limited number of characters that one can report at a glance (also known as the "magic number 7 +/- 2") [Psychol. Rev. 63, 81(More)
In previous experiments on visual processing it was shown that correct identification of sequentially and simultaneously presented numerals declined as the presentation interval was decreased from 50.0 to 16.7 ms/numeral. To determine how performance was influenced in context, common everyday objects were used in place of the numerals. These objects were(More)
Abstrac t In this paper, we describe a fully autonomous, self-replicating, electromechanical circuit, and the minimalist manipulation system that the circuit uses as a substrate in order to function. In the contex t of a class proj ect at J HU, we designed and built a prototype system consisting of basic electronic components and motors which had the(More)
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