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This paper uses simulation studies to explore the behaviour of SCTP congestion control. Several possible variants of SCTP congestion control are identified and each is compared with the behaviour of Reno TCP, a well-known TCP variant. We identify three flaws in the current SCTP congestion control mechanisms. 1. Efficient recovery after a packet loss is only(More)
This paper describes a semi-automated process, framework and tools for harvesting, assessing, improving and maintaining high-quality linked-data. The framework, known as DaCura 1 , provides dataset curators, who may not be knowledge engineers, with tools to collect and curate evolving linked data datasets that maintain quality over time. The framework(More)
Ontologies are widely considered as the building blocks of the semantic web, and with them, comes the data interoperability issue. As ontologies are not necessarily always labelled in the same natural language, one way to achieve semantic interoperability is by means of cross-lingual ontology mapping. Translation techniques are often used as an intermediate(More)
Autonomy, adaptability, scalability, and flexible communications are all attributes of agents and multi-agent systems which suggest that they may offer timely solutions for dealing with the growing complexity of the tasks of traffic control and resource management in telecommunications networks. However, if agent-based solutions to network management(More)
The digital home is both the nexus of a new wave of user-centric service integration and the front line of competition between device vendors, connectivity providers, and added-value service providers. Vertical integration of provider offerings via bundled services and devices is no longer sufficient to satisfy customer demands for best of breed elemental(More)
The heterogeneity of ontologies is a major obstacle to the promised interoperability of knowledge in the Semantic Web. Ontology mappings can help to mitigate the effects by specifying the correspondences between related ontologies. However, the creation of mappings is still complex and time-consuming and therefore it is appealing to discover existing(More)
There are emerging opportunities for distributed, composite services, based on the combination of smart homes, networked consumer devices, third-party services and social, geographical or commercial collaborations. However, current home-automation technology tends to focus on the single-home solution, rather than enabling home users can securely share and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine systemic and mucosal antibody responses in calves to Pasteurella haemolytica 1:A and to 2 major outer membrane proteins (OMP) and 1 major iron-regulated OMP of P haemolytica 1:A. ANIMALS 23 crossbred calves. PROCEDURE 2 experiments were performed in the first experiment, 6 calves were vaccinated and challenge exposed intranasally(More)
Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 644055 [ALIGNED, www.aligned-project.eu]). We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our team of research assistants, post-doctoral researchers, consultants, and experts. Additionally, we have received invaluable assistance from our collaborators. Please see the Seshat website for(More)