Rob Beck

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Albumin is the major plasma protein circulating in blood. Albumin potently decreases capillary permeability, although the mechanisms are not understood completely. Albumin also effectively binds arachidonic acid (AA), which increases capillary permeability. To investigate the interactions of BSA and AA with the cell membrane, the effect of these substances(More)
Soil moisture is the key variable in the hydrological cycle. In the Volta Basin, West Africa, where rainfed agriculture forms the main source of income for the majority of the population; productivity relies on available soil moisture or " green water ". Progress will depend on good management of green water, and will be strongly based on monitoring(More)
A consortium called Mutatis Mutandis (MutMut), consisting of three Universities and eight producers and users of geo-information, was established in the Netherlands to streamline change detection on a national level. After preliminary investigations concerning market feasibility, three actions are being taken by MutMut: (1) construction of a centralised,(More)
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