Rob Atkinson

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MOTIIVE (Marine Overlays on Topography for annex II Valuation and Exploitation) is a project funded as a Specific Support Action (SSA) under the European Commission Framework Programme 6 (FP6) Aeronautics and Space Programme. The project started in September 2005 and finished in October 2007. The objective of MOTIIVE was to examine the methodology and cost(More)
This document reviews the existing mechanisms for site renumbering for both IPv4 and IPv6, and it identifies operational issues with those mechanisms. It also summarises current technical proposals for additional mechanisms. Finally, there is a gap analysis identifying possible areas for future work.
The term "geohazards" provides a label for a common way of looking at the relationships between the state of a phenomenon, its geographical context and the impacts it may have. This way of thinking applies equally to hazards such as floods, landslides, severe weather, biological agents etc. Each of these domains must be modeled separately according to the(More)
This article has two coordinate goals: to undergird the functionalist understanding of professionalism with classical normative theory and to advance the classical theory of civic virtue with the insights of modern social science. More specifically, this article seeks to connect classical theories about the care of the body and the soul with modern theories(More)
Accurate and timely place-based information from multiple sources is essential for making informed social protection decisions and rapid interventions. Developing solutions to the challenges presented by multi-disciplanary data integration provides a rationale, and mechanisms, to realize the broader goals of Linked Data. The Spatial Identifier Reference(More)
The last two decades have witnessed an increasing focus on the role of cities and regions at global, European, national and sub-national levels. In terms of thinking within the European Union (EU) regions, including city-regions/metropolitan regions, are seen as playing a key role in Europe’s development. In fact, it is widely asserted that cities have(More)