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We describe a "high-performance" liquid-chromatographic procedure for determination of creatinine in serum. Creatinine is separated from other species by cation-exchange chromatography. Absorbance of the creatinine in the eluate is monitored at 234 nm. Results from this procedure on sera correspond closely to those of a manual Jaffé-reaction procedure(More)
A high-performance, reversed-phase liquid chromatographic (HPLC) procedure has been developed for the separation of at least three major bilirubin fractions in bile and four fractions in human serum. This procedure was unlike most others, in that serum was not totally deproteinized prior to injection onto the HPLC column; instead, serum was treated with an(More)
We have isolated from pathological sera a bilirubin fraction (delta) that is very tightly, if not covalently, bound to protein, most likely albumin. This delta fraction absorbed at a lambda max of 433 nm in the visible spectrum, between the lambda max of unconjugated (alpha) and that of conjugated (Bc) bilirubin when measured in solutions containing(More)
We describe a "high-performance" liquid chromatographic (HPLC) method for accurately determining creatinine in serum. After prechromatographic precipitation of protein, we performed isocratic ion-exchange chromatography with ultraviolet detection (234 nm). Analytical results showed linearity up to 1770 mumol/L, a detection limit of 22 mumol/L, an average(More)
Earlier we described a "high-performance" liquid-chromatographic procedure for separating the four distinct fractions of bilirubin (unconjugated, monoconjugated, diconjugated, and protein-bound) in pathological human serum (J. Chromatogr. 226: 391-402, 1981). We have modified the prechromatography precipitation of the serum globulins required in that method(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate kV cone-beam CT image quality for two clinical reconstruction algorithms when the volume of interest deviates from isocenter Methods: The CatPhan phantom (The Phantom Lab.) was scanned using CBCT on a TrueBeam LINAC (Varian Medical Systems). The phantom contains various sections designed to assess certain image quality parameters. Images(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether standardization of total pre-plan activity against a nomogram reduces variability of post-implant dosimetry for I-125 permanent interstitial prostate implants (PIPI). METHODS Between January 2007 and December 2011, 843 patients underwent TRUS guided PIPI (MPD 108Gy) in combination with external irradiation. The implants and all(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the relationship between the difference in pre-and post-implant prostate volume and post-implant dosimetric parameters for pre-planned permanent interstitial prostate implants. METHODS Between January 2007 and December 2011, 964 patients underwent TRUS guided interstitial prostate I-125 brachytherapy either as monotherapy (MPD 144Gy)(More)
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