Rob A. McPherson

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Phenoxodiol is a novel isoflav-3-ene, currently undergoing clinical trials, that has a broad in vitro activity against a number of human cancer cell lines. Phenoxodiol alone inhibited DU145 and PC3 in a dose- and time-dependent manner with IC(50) values of 8+/-1 and 38+/-9 microM, respectively. The combination of phenoxodiol and cisplatin was synergistic in(More)
Searches for signatures of the production of particles predicted by theories with super-symmetry at LEP are reviewed. The searches are discussed primarily from the standpoint of their different experimental topologies, with emphasis on new signatures suggested by alternative theoretical models. No evidence for supersymmetric particle production is observed.(More)
A moderate bleeding diathesis transmitted as an autosomal dominant was found in five members of four generations of the same family. The affected patients had prolonged partial thromboplastin-times and normal levels of all the known clotting-factors. The haemorrhagic diathesis was attributed to a deficiency of a hitherto unrecognised coagulation(More)
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