Roar Johnsen

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BACKGROUND Non-medical factors may be important determinants for granting disability pension (DP) even though disability is medically defined, as in Norway. The aim of this analysis was to identify determinants of DP in a total county population in a 10-year follow-up study. METHODS Participants were people without DP, 20- to 66-years-old in 1984-1986.(More)
BACKGROUND Previous reports have suggested that certain probiotics given to mothers and children at risk of atopy halves the incidence of atopic dermatitis (AD) at 2 years of age. OBJECTIVES To examine if probiotics given to pregnant women in a nonselected population could prevent atopic sensitization or allergic diseases during the child's first 2 years.(More)
CONTEXT Gastroesophageal reflux and obesity are both increasing in prevalence. The scientific evidence for an association between these conditions is sparse and contradictory. A difference between sexes concerning this relation has been proposed. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relation between body mass and gastroesophageal reflux symptoms and determine how(More)
BACKGROUND The aetiology of non-ulcer dyspepsia and a possible connection to peptic ulcer disease is debated. This paper discusses this problem in a population based study. AIMS The relation between non-ulcer dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease was explored by the distribution in the general population and their associations to demographic, lifestyle, and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM The aetiology of gastro-oesophageal reflux is largely unknown. The authors' aim was to examine the relation between lifestyle habits and gastro-oesophageal reflux symptoms. SUBJECTS Participants of two consecutive public health surveys in Nord-Trondelag, Norway. METHODS In a case control study within the two public health surveys, 3153(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop new prediction equations for flow/volume spirometry parameters in asymptomatic, never-smoking adults in Norway, and to assess any differences of these parameters when applying the new and most commonly used equation sets. Flow/volume spirometry was measured according to the American Thoracic Society criteria in 2,792(More)
BACKGROUND An early supported discharge service (ESD) appears to be a promising alternative to conventional care. The aim of this trial was to compare the use of health services and costs with traditional stroke care during a one-year follow-up. METHODS Three hundred and twenty patients were randomly allocated either to ordinary stroke unit care or stroke(More)
International and interethnic differences in prostate cancer incidence suggest an environmental aetiology, and lifestyle and socio-economic factors have been studied, but with divergent results. Information on a cohort of 22,895 Norwegian men aged 40 years and more was obtained from a health examination and two self-administered questionnaires. Information(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Studies have indicated that women are more vulnerable to the effect of tobacco smoking compared with men. The aim of this study was to explore the prevalence of reported respiratory symptoms and diseases according to smoking burden, age and sex. DESIGN Questionnaire in a cross sectional population based study. SETTING The BONT (Bronchial(More)
BACKGROUND The association between psychiatric disorders and gastro-oesophageal reflux symptoms is uncertain, and few population-based studies are available. AIM To examine the association between psychiatric and psychological factors and reflux symptoms. METHODS Population-based, cross-sectional, case-control study based on two health surveys conducted(More)