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A new, simple method of counting and segmenting cell image is suggested in this paper. It is based on the feature of cell's logical and morphological information. By using of mathematical morphological logical operation and laplacian filter, the method is realized with the MATLAB 5.10. The effect of this algorithm is tested with blood cell image in this(More)
 Traditional image segmentation algorithms in the literature exhibit weak performance on plant cells which have complex structure. On the other hand, pulse-coupled neural network (PCNN) based on Eckhorn's model of the cat visual cortex should be suitable to the segmentation of plant cell image. But the present theories are difficult to explain the(More)
  • R X Dai, Y A Sun
  • 1982
The spontaneous potentials (SPs) of nerveless embryonic epithelium of Cynops orientalis were observed by conventional intracellular micro-electrode technique. The amplitude and frequency of SPs of epithelial cells and the course of initiation and decline were recorded. The SPs can occur repeatedly at the stages when the embryonic epithelium is able to(More)
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