Rkia Aouinatou

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Because of the revolution and the success of the technique IBE (Identification Based Encryption) in the recent years. The need is growing to have a standardization to this technology to streamline communication based on it. But this requires a thorough study to extract the strength and weakness of the most recognized cryptosystems. Our first goal in this(More)
Recently, the side channel keeps the attention of researchers in theory of pairing, since, several studies have been done in this subject and all they have the aim in order to attack the cryptosystems of Identification Based Encryption (IBE) which are integrated into Smart Cards (more than 80% of those cryptosystems are based on a pairing). The great(More)
This work fall within the cadre of Cryptanalysis. Because, under certain condition, we would give a fairly simple method to solve the CDHP (the Problem Computational of Diffie and Hellman) and others problems associated to it. Since, solving this problem, will help us to provide a solution to the BDH (Problem Bilinear of Diffie and Hellman). The CDHP and(More)
In this article we show how we can integrate the RSA (RSA-OAEP) into the IBE. Our prove can be make with either Standard Model or Random Oracle. We firstly develop the basic ideas made in this direction, so that to create a novel scheme with which we can signs and crypt at the same time. Then we give our new approach which conserves properly the syntax of(More)
We present in these papers a scheme, which bypasses the weakness presented in the existed scheme of IBE with random oracle. We propose, a secure scheme which project into Z p contrary to elliptic curve as with Boneh and Franklin. More, our scheme is basing in its study of simulation in the problem 4-EBDHP which is more efficient than q-BDHIP used by Skai(More)
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