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MANET is quickly spreading for the property of its capability in forming rapidly changing topologies network without the aid of any established infrastructure or centralized administration. The security challenges in MANET have become a primary concern to provide secure communication. The Attacks on MANET disrupts network performance and reliability. The(More)
A pattern reconfigurable dielectric resonator antenna for wireless fidelity (2.4 GHz) band is presented in this communication. A rectangular dielectric resonator antenna which is fed by a microstrip line serves as the main radiating element. The pattern reconfigurability is achieved by the introduction of slots on the ground plane. The switch placement on(More)
To represent the three dimensional world around us, it is relevant to carry out 3D modeling and use 3D environment while portraying the Geographical data (geodata). Geographical data can be represented both in 2.5D and 3D environment. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combined with 3D visualization technology is an emerging tool for urban planning and(More)
A stacked-dielectric resonator antenna (S-DRA) with frequency reconfigurability and radiation pattern diversity is presented for DVB-H application. Two metallic patches are used that can be connected by RF switches to extend the ground plane. By extending the ground plane, pattern diversity and reconfigurability is achieved. This antenna offers(More)
Without his guidance, this thesis would not have been possible, and I would have probably left Michigan after my second year. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to learn how to use the circle method and pursue math research from Professor Wooley. I would also like to thank Donald Lewis for stepping in during my last year of graduate school(More)
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