Rizwan Khalid

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We consider a left-right symmetric SU(4) c ×SU(2) L ×SU(2) R (4-2-2) model with gravity mediated supersymmetry breaking. We find that with 4-2-2 compatible non-universal gaugino masses, t − b − τ Yukawa coupling unification is consistent with neutralino dark matter abundance and with constraints from collider experiments (except (g − 2) µ). The gluino mass(More)
We identify a variety of coannihilation scenarios in a supersymmetric SU(4) c × SU(2) L × SU(2) R model with discrete left-right symmetry. Non-universal gaugino masses, compatible with the gauge symmetry, play an essential role in realizing gluino and bino-wino coannihilation regions that are consistent with the WMAP dark matter constraints. We also explore(More)
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