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Consumer electronic devices require brightness preservation while image enhancement. Many of the histogram equalization techniques that have been introduced tend to strike out the mean image brightness while the process of enhancement is carried out. Hence, we suggest a method that enhances the image while keeping its brightness in a better form as compared(More)
We consider a left-right symmetric SU(4) c ×SU(2) L ×SU(2) R (4-2-2) model with gravity mediated supersymmetry breaking. We find that with 4-2-2 compatible non-universal gaugino masses, t − b − τ Yukawa coupling unification is consistent with neutralino dark matter abundance and with constraints from collider experiments (except (g − 2) µ). The gluino mass(More)
We identify a variety of coannihilation scenarios in a supersymmetric SU(4) c × SU(2) L × SU(2) R model with discrete left-right symmetry. Non-universal gaugino masses, compatible with the gauge symmetry, play an essential role in realizing gluino and bino-wino coannihilation regions that are consistent with the WMAP dark matter constraints. We also explore(More)
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