Rizwan E Ahmed

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A new class of neural prosthetic systems aims to assist disabled patients by translating cortical neural activity into control signals for prosthetic devices. Based on the success of proof-of-concept systems in the laboratory, there is now considerable interest in increasing system performance and creating implantable electronics for use in clinical(More)
INTRODUCTION The rate of biological change in middle-adulthood is relatively under-studied. Here, we used behavioral testing in conjunction with structural magnetic resonance imaging to examine the effects of chronological age on associative learning proficiency and on brain regions that previous functional MRI studies have closely related to the domain of(More)
The appearance of surface-induced phases of molecular crystals is a frequently observed phenomenon in organic electronics. However, despite their fundamental importance, the origin of such phases is not yet fully resolved. The organic molecule 6,6′-dibromoindigo (Tyrian purple) forms two polymorphs within thin films. At growth temperatures of 150 °C, the(More)
The influence of the nature of interface between organic semiconductor and gate dielectric on bias stress electrical stability of n-type C60-based organic field effect transistors (OFETs) was studied. The bias stress induced threshold voltage (Vth) shift was found to depend critically on the OFET device structure: the direction of V(th) shift in top-gate(More)
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