Rizwan Ahmed Khan

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Automatic recognition of facial expressions is a challenging problem specially for low spatial resolution facial images. It has many potential applications in human-computer interactions, social robots, deceit detection, interactive video and behavior monitoring. In this study we present a novel framework that can recognize facial expressions very(More)
We present a novel human vision inspired framework that can recognize facial expressions very efficiently and accurately. We propose to computationally process small, salient region of the face to extract features as it happens in human vision. To determine which facial region(s) is perceptually salient for a particular expression, we conducted a(More)
This paper focus on understanding human visual system when it decodes or recognizes facial expressions. Results presented can be exploited by the computer vision research community for the development of robust descriptor based on human visual system for facial expressions recognition. We have conducted psycho-visual experimental study to find which facial(More)
In this paper we are proposing a novel computer vision system that can recognize expression of pain in videos by analyzing facial features. Usually pain is reported and recorded manually and thus carry lot of subjectivity. Manual monitoring of pain makes difficult for the medical practitioners to respond quickly in critical situations. Thus, it is desirable(More)
The detection of salient regions in images is of great interest for a lot of computer vision applications as adaptive content delivery, smart resizing and auto-cropping, content based image retrieval or visually impaired people assistance. In this paper we focus on the effect of blurriness on human visual attention when observers see images with no prior(More)
Neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis, the most common gastrointestinal emergency in neonates, typically affects the preterm infants and carries high mortality. Classic clinical trad consists of abdominal distension, bloody stools, and pneumatosis intestinalis. Occasionally, signs and symptoms may not be classic and a number of papers have highlighted the(More)
Ambient Assisted Living aims at enhancing the quality of life of older and disabled people at home thanks to Smart Homes. In particular, regarding elderly living alone at home, the detection of distress situation after a fall is very important to reassure this kind of population. However, many studies do not include tests in real settings, because data(More)
This paper proposes a novel framework for universal facial expression recognition. The framework is based on two sets of features extracted from the face image: entropy and brightness. First, saliency maps are obtained by state-of-the-art saliency detection algorithm i.e. “frequency-tuned salient region detection”. Then only localized salient(More)
Communication in any form i.e. verbal or non-verbal is vital to complete various daily routine tasks and plays a significant role in life. Facial expression is the most effective form of non-verbal communication and it provides a clue about emotional state, mindset and intention. Generally automatic facial expression recognition framework consists of three(More)