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Analysis of statement branch and loop coverage in software testing with genetic algorithm
Software testing is one important aspect of the software development process. About 50% of the time and cost in the software development process used for software testing process. There are twoExpand
Batik image retrieval based on similarity of shape and texture characteristics
Threshold Algorithm which will display the image based on the value of the highest grade representation on each image query, followed by comparing the results of feature extraction using the operator min on fuzzy logic to generate maximum value so that the performance of CBIR becomes more reliable and effective. Expand
Performance analysis of VoIP client with integrated encryption module
Sipdroid able to resist passive attack from tapping information (eavesdropping) during the communication session, and the result of QoS measurements is an increase delay of 0.01 ms and no significant change in the throughput and the packet loss. Expand
Applying Merging Convetional Marker and Backpropagation Neural Network in QR Code Augmented Reality Tracking
This article proposes merging QR Code within conventional marker and backpropagation neural network (BPNN) algorithm to recognizing QR Code Finder Pattern and detects in perspective distortion with ID-encoded character length 78, 53 and 32. Expand
Energy efficiency and loss of transmission data on Wireless Sensor Network with obstacle
The result of simulation shown the modified LEACH algorithm works better than the original LEACH with the presence of obstacle based on energy consumption and loss of transmission data. Expand
Jumlah pengguna VoIP di Indonesia masih kecil sekali, walaupun cost yang ditawarkan oleh VoIP lebih kecil dibandingkan dengan menggunakan telepon berpulsa. Salah satu alasannya adalah keamanan yangExpand
Implementation of a modern security systems honeypot Honey Network on wireless networks
Today's Internet technology is not free from problems. Unfortunately, it is used by people who have no right to steal important data. The National ICT Training and Research Center (PUSTIKNAS)Expand
Comparative analysis of LLQ traffic scheduler to FIFO and CBWFQ on IP phone-based applications (VoIP) using Opnet (Riverbed)
This research compare queue method of First In First Out (FIFO) with two algorithm type of WFQ scheduling which at most used, that is Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ) and Low Latency Queued (LLQ), which give a better network performance. Expand
Analysis of image similarity with CBIR concept using wavelet transform and threshold algorithm
This paper carried out to develop the concept of CBIR by using Wavelet Transform Methods for feature form and texture extraction and adaptive histogram for feature color extraction. The method is notExpand
QR Code Augmented Reality tracking with merging on conventional marker based Backpropagation neural network
A Backpropagation method to keep detecting the QRFP and the method preceded by feature extraction with low level image processing, which achieves accurate 6 DOF, runs at 35.41 fps and stable marker as conventional marker. Expand