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Computational intelligence has been successfully applied into many engineering applications including control engineering problems. In this paper, a robust state feedback control design via constrained optimization based on Differential Evolution (DE) is proposed. The feedback controller is designed based on state space model of the plant with structured(More)
This paper discusses the development of control systems with hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILS) method for enhancing the teaching of control engineering. Two control systems based on the HILS approach were developed namely simulated plant HILS (SP-HILS) and simulated controller HILS (SC-HILS) control systems. The SP-HILS control system uses an actual(More)
Most of buildings that have the fire detection systems provide limited information from the detectors to fire alarm panels. Therefore, there is a need to improve the quality of the information that is provided for this service. This paper proposed a way to detect the fire immediately by video camera, using a style of Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO)(More)
A mobile robot for exploring disaster area in tropical region has been developed. It has capability to travel over a rough irregular terrain within disaster area and capable of performing a range of functions such as collecting samples and capturing images from the disaster scene. Furthermore, the robot is equipped with solar panel for extending the(More)
We present here a novel, cost-effective method for increasing and controlling the ortho-para H 2 (o-p H 2) conversion yield. First, we invoke two processes derived from fundamental, surface science insights, based on the effect of molecular orientation on the hydrogen-solid surface reaction, i.e., dynamical quantum filtering and steering, and apply them to(More)
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