Riyaz Ahmad Dar

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Flowers of Dianthus chinensis growing in Kashmir University Botanic Garden (KUBG) were selected for the present study. Flower development and senescence was divided into six stages (I–VI), categorized as (I) tight bud stage, (II) mature bud stage, (III) paint brush stage, (IV) fully open/bloom stage, (V) partially senescent stage and (VI) senescent stage.(More)
An experiment was designed to determine the synergistic effect of cold temperature and cycloheximide (CHI) on the postharvest performance of cut sprays of Dianthus chinensis. Sprays were harvested at 800 h with the oldest bud at paint brush stage, cut to a length of 27 cm and wet stored at 5 °C for 72 h before or after 1 h 0.1 mM CHI pulse. Another set of(More)
Physiological and biochemical changes were documented during various stages (I-VI) of flower development and senescence in Dianthus barbatus L. and Dianthus chinensis L. A comparison between various biochemical parameters revealed that different biomolecules show different trends during senescence in these two species. Although floral diameter, fresh mass,(More)
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