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INTRODUCTION A number of theories that explain the adoption of different IS/IT applications have appeared in the last two decades (Eid, 2005). These theories provide managers with careful reasoned arguments and enable them to better influence the evaluation , adoption and use of Internet technology (Karahanna and Straub, 1999). Moreover, current research(More)
main area of marketing expertise and interest is in the domain of International Internet Marketing. Dr. Eid has published in several internationally recognized journals such as He has also attended numerous numbers of International Refereed Conferences worldwide. Dr. Eid acted as consultant to a number of organizations in Egypt, UAE, and UK. He is a subject(More)
To date Paneth cells have not previously been reported to kill Giardia trophozoites and other protozoa in vivo. Here we report the first evidence for in vivo killing of Giardia trophozoites by intestinal Paneth cells. Transmission electron microscopic (TEM) examination of duodenal specimens taken from naturally infected mice revealed that only Giardia(More)
During routine transmission electron microscopic (TEM) examination of mice naturally infected with Giardia muris, an intense infection with Giardia trophozoites was demonstrated within intestinal and renal tissues. Examination of randomly taken sections from these heavily infected tissues revealed marked deep affection with mixed pathology. Duodenal(More)