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Business-to-business international Internet marketing (B2B IIM) has emerged as one of the key drivers in sustaining an organisation’s competitive advantage. However, market entry and communication via the Internet have affected the dynamics and traditional process in B2B commerce. Difficulties resulting from these new trends have been cited in the(More)
Business-to-business international Internet marketing is one of the key drivers in sustaining an organisation’s competitive advantage. The challenge for organisations today is to understand the factors that play a critical role in utilising Internet capabilities and their implications on business strategic objectives to enable them to compete successfully(More)
The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of the Internet use on customer relations and targeting activities. Based on the previous literature, the effect of the Internet on marketing activities has been categorised into four basic dimensions, 1) marketing and customer relations activities, 2) marketing targeting activities, 3) marketing(More)
A number of theories that explain the adoption of different IS/IT applications have appeared in the last two decades (Eid, 2005). These theories provide managers with careful reasoned arguments and enable them to better influence the evaluation, adoption and use of Internet technology (Karahanna and Straub, 1999). Moreover, current research into the(More)
Online branding has become a crucial part of companies’ activity since the mid-90s, when internet expansion began. As internet activity starts playing bigger and greater roles in sales and marketing communications, online branding becomes more important. However, the challenge for organisations today is to advance their online business activities. To(More)
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