Riyaad Roberts

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Contractures in cerebral palsy (CP) are usually in flexion at the hips and knees, and in plantar flexion at the ankles. When correctly indicated, surgical release is appropriate. Occasionally, extension contractures of the hip and knee develop, and dorsiflexion contractures of the ankle may ensue. In CP, the management of each of these deformities may(More)
BACKGROUND Gastric resections for carcinoma are common, but gastric carcinoma in South Africa, and particularly within the Western Cape province, has not been well documented. METHOD The objective of the study was to immunohistochemically evaluate HER2/ neu overexpression, determine aberrations in β-catenin and epithelial-cadherin (E-cadherin) expression,(More)
A young woman with persistent postprandial vomiting was found to have a high-grade proximal jejunal stricture. The stricture was surgically excised, and histopathological examination showed gastric heterotopia with localised ulceration and fibrosis. Symptomatic gastric heterotopia in the small bowel is rare, and to our knowledge this is the first report of(More)
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