Riya Ganguly

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Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death today. Trans fatty acids have been identified as an important cause of cardiovascular disease and the resulting clinical end points such as strokes and heart attacks. Although legislative efforts have limited the trans fats in our diet, significant amounts remain. Understanding the impact trans fats(More)
Adiponectin promotes cardioprotection by various mechanisms, and this study used primary cardiomyocytes and the isolated working perfused heart to investigate cardiometabolic effects. We show in adult cardiomyocytes that adiponectin increased CD36 translocation and fatty acid uptake as well as insulin-stimulated glucose transport and Akt phosphorylation.(More)
Altered leptin action has been implicated in the pathophysiology of heart failure in obesity, a hallmark of which is extracellular matrix remodeling. Here, we characterize the direct influence of leptin on matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity in primary adult rat cardiac fibroblasts and focus on elucidating the molecular mechanisms responsible. Leptin(More)
The effects of a live attenuated influenza vaccine and subsequent challenge with virulent influenza virus on the delayed hypersensitivity skin test, and the in vitro response of lymphocytes were evaluated. Volunteers were skin tested before and after administration of vaccine or placebo and challenge with PPD (a purified protein derivative of Mycobacterium(More)
Inosiplex (Isoprinosine), the paracetamidobenzoic acid salt of inosine dimethylaminoisopropanol, has shown antiviral activity in cell culture and in animals. Controlled challenge studies using the drug in a prophylactic fashion, however, have been disappointing. In vitro studies, as well as uncontrolled clinical trials, have suggested that the drug might be(More)