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Repetitive remodeling and renewal of the cytoplasmic structures realizing synthesis of proteins accompanies the cycling of ground squirrels between torpor and arousal states during hibernation season. Earlier we have shown partial loss of ribosomes and nucleolus inactivation in CA3 hippocampal pyramidal neurons in each bout of torpor with rapid and full(More)
A fluorescent technique with Hoechst-33258 and acridine orange staining was used to assess changes in chromatin state induced by radiation. Fluorochromes with different modes of binding to DNA were chosen. In T lymphocytes chronic irradiation caused a rearrangement of binding between nonhiston proteins and lipids accompanied by conformational changes in(More)
A call to incorporate a reproductive justice agenda into reproductive health clinical practice and policy Incorporating a reproductive justice framework into health care practice has the potential to enrich provider education, increase access to health care for marginalized populations and enhance the quality of life for the greatest number of people. The(More)
The work was carried out on the pollen of Hippeastrum hibridum, whose size (ca 55 mcm) permits to follow both the pollen tube formation and development of the vegetative nucleus and generative cell within the first two hours before the growing point arising. Using fluorescent dye Hoechst 33342 chromatin state alterations accompanying changes in the pollen(More)
Fluorescent spectral analysis of acridine-orange-stained fixed blood smears from patients taken in the period of allergic reaction revealed the presence in the blood of free granules presumably containing the major proteins given fluorescence in the green part of the spectrum. The number of these granules increases in the first phase of the allergic(More)
It was shown by fluorescent and electron microscopy that the physiological state of ground squirrels subjected to ionizing radiation at different phases of the torpor-normothermia cycle plays a determining role in the alteration of the conditions of the protein-synthesizing system in neurons of hippocampus fields CA1 and CA3 and sensomotor area of the(More)
Using luminescent microspectral analysis of preparations stained by acridine orange, studies have been made on the ratio between single- and double-stranded parts in ribosomal RNA from the cytoplasm of neurosecretory neurones of the preoptic nucleus of the frog Rana temporaria. The animals were investigated in active period, during P-2 form of the primary(More)