Riviam J Pérez

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The encapsulation of insulin into different kinds of materials for noninvasive delivery is an important field of study because of the many drawbacks of painful needle and syringe delivery such as physiological stress, infection, and local hypertrophy, among others (Khafagy, E.-S.; et al. Adv. Drug Delivery Rev. 2007, 59 (15), 1521-1546). A stable, robust,(More)
The usual fate of highly contaminated fine products (silt-clay fractions) from soil washing plants is disposal in a dump or thermal destruction (organic contaminants), with consequent environmental impacts. Alternative treatments for these fractions with the aim of on-site reuse are needed. Therefore, the feasibility of two technologies, slurry(More)
Measurements of the temperature dependence in the range from 10 C to 30 C on the passive and dynamic electrical properties of single frog muscle cell following Arrhenius relation have been made. The propagated responses (V-t) and conduction velocity theta were analyzed following the H-H propagated cable equation. The ionic current-membrane potential(More)
2,2-, 3,3- and 4,4-Difluoropalmitic acids (1-3) have been synthesized and fully characterized. Acids 2 and 3 were prepared through fluorination of the corresponding dithioacetal-protected ketoesters followed by enzymatic saponification. The acids 1-3 were evaluated in vivo as inhibitors of the beta-oxidation step of the biosynthesis of(More)
A programmed digital stimulator is described, in which the pulse generator can be regulated in frequency and duration. The output pulses amplitude increases automatically by increments under 5% of the previous step, sequence which allows a much better approximation to the threshold value of action potential. A photographic camera is synchronized for(More)