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The creaming and rheology of fine n-tetradecane oil-in-water emulsions at pH 6.8 containing the commercial protein sodium caseinate and the ionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) have been studied, and an overview diagram relating surfactant composition and creaming stability has been constructed. The presence of both SDS and sodium caseinate in an(More)
The creaming and rheology of oil-in-water emulsions (30 vol% n-tetradecane, pH 6.8) stabilized by a mixture of commercial sodium caseinate and the non-ionic emulsifier polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (Tween 20) has been investigated at 21 degrees C. The presence of sufficient Tween 20 to displace most of the protein from the emulsion droplet surface(More)
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