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In this paper, we propose an unsupervised method to identify noun sense changes based on rigorous analysis of time-varying text data available in the form of millions of digitized books. We construct distribu-tional thesauri based networks from data at different time points and cluster each of them separately to obtain word-centric sense clusters(More)
The method of moments, commonly used to discretize potential-integral equations describing the electromagnetic interactions in complicated 3-D interconnect structures, generates large, dense matrix problems. If Gaussian elimination is used to solve method-of-moments matrices, O(n 3) operations and O(n 2) storage is required, where n is the number of panels(More)
1 Overview The dissertation by Maryam Fazel, " Matrix Rank Minimization with applications " , [3], focuses on minimizing ranks over matrices of convex sets which is genrally an NP-hard problem. The work provides a new heuristics for solving Rank Minimization Problem (RMP) for PSD matrices, which contrary to hitherto developed heuristics, do not require an(More)
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