Ritwik Kavathekar

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This note describes the features and implementation issues of WebProp, a web-based interface for evaluating ab initio quality one-electron properties. The interface code is written in HTML and Python, while the backend is handled using Python and our indigenously developed code INDPROP for property evaluation. A novel feature of this setup is that it(More)
Topographical analysis of the molecular electrostatic potential (MESP) along a reaction path is employed for bringing out sequential electronic reorganizations for 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions of ethyne to fulminic acid as well as diazomethane. A simple and consistent set of rules for portraying electronic mechanisms of chemical reactions using the MESP(More)
The liquid-liquid interface has been used with considerable success in the synthesis of advanced materials ranging from (bio)minerals to inorganic membranes to nanoparticles. In almost all such cases, the interface is static. The Hele-Shaw cell in which a viscous fluid is displaced by a less viscous one in a constrained manner has been invaluable in the(More)
A web-interface for geometry optimization of large molecules using a linear scaling method, i.e., cardinality guided molecular tailoring approach (CG-MTA), is presented. CG-MTA is a cut-and-stitch, fragmentation-based method developed in our laboratory, for linear scaling of conventional ab initio techniques. This interface provides limited access to(More)
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