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We studied the effect of blood hematocrit (Hct) on the longitudinal distribution of pulmonary vascular pressure profile in an in situ isolated left lower lobe preparation of dog lung using the arterial and venous occlusion technique. The total arteriovenous pressure drop (delta PT) across the lobe was partitioned into pressure drops across an arterial(More)
The effects of fatigue on diaphragmatic contractility in vivo are unknown. In this study we used sonomicrometry to examine the velocity of shortening and lengthening and the amount of shortening in the fresh and fatigued canine hemidiaphragm (8 dogs) including the force generated. Fatigue was produced by epiphrenic stimulation of the left phrenic nerve; the(More)
We present a 79-yr-old white woman admitted to the hospital with diffuse myalgias and muscle weakness associated with eosinophilia. Examination of a muscle biopsy section revealed eosinophilic myositis with vasculitis. This association is infrequent and we describe the first case report with symmetrical polyneuropathy. The treatment with prednisone (60(More)
Aminoacylase 3 (AA3) mediates deacetylation of N-acetyl aromatic amino acids and mercapturic acids. Deacetylation of mercapturic acids of exo- and endobiotics are likely involved in their toxicity. AA3 is predominantly expressed in kidney, and to a lesser extent in liver, brain, and blood. AA3 has been recently reported to interact with the hepatitis C(More)
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