Ritu Sharma

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The proteins belonging to SWI2/SNF2 family of DNA dependent ATPases are important members of the chromatin remodeling complexes that are implicated in epigenetic control of gene expression. We have identified a human gene with a putative DNA binding domain, which belongs to the INO80 subfamily of SWI2/SNF2 proteins. Here we report the cloning, expression,(More)
Although microtubules have long been implicated in cell locomotion, the mechanism of their involvement remains controversial. Most studies have concluded that microtubules play a positive role by regulating actin polymerization, transporting membrane vesicles to the leading edge, and/or facilitating the turnover of adhesion plaques. Here we used wild-type(More)
Cluster of differentiation (CD) is a group of proteins with highly immunological and medical importance, and some are established therapeutics. These membrane proteins are used to investigate of cell surface molecules of blood cells especially WBC. We selected a population of fifteen members with most medical importance, which includes CD2, CD4, CD5, CD6,(More)
The N-terminal sequence of a mixture of desmosomal glycoproteins 2 and 3 (dg2/3, desmocollins) from bovine nasal epidermis, prepared by electro-elution from polyacrylamide gels, was determined by solid-phase Edman degradation. A sequence of 23 amino acids was obtained. This showed 43% identity with that of the N terminus of the calcium-dependent cell(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consists of low power nodes, with limited processing, communication, and storage. The networks are made up of tiny nodes which are becoming future of many applications, but due to deployment nature the sensor nodes are prone to physical attacks against the adversaries and resource limitations raises some serious question to(More)
During an inflammatory response, endothelial cells undergo morphological changes to allow for the passage of neutrophils from the blood vessel to the site of injury or infection. Although endothelial cell junctions and the cytoskeleton undergo reorganization during inflammation, little is known about another class of cellular structures, the focal(More)
Spontaneous umbilical endometriosis occurring in absence of any previous abdominal or uterine surgery is extremely atypical. Its association with umbilical hernia is very rare and hernia getting spontaneously resolved has not been reported in literature so far. Here we report a case of a patient with spontaneous umbilical endometriosis associated with(More)
Vascular smooth muscle cells (VSM) are normally exposed to transmural fluid flow shear stresses, and after vascular injury, blood flow shear stresses are imposed upon them. Since Ca2+ is a ubiquitous intracellular signaling molecule, we examined the effects of fluid flow on intracellular Ca2+ concentration in rat aortic smooth muscle cells to assess VSM(More)
Neutrophils are the most abundant type of white blood cell. They form an essential part of the innate immune system. During acute inflammation, neutrophils are the first inflammatory cells to migrate to the site of injury. Recruitment of neutrophils to an injury site is a stepwise process that includes first, dilation of blood vessels to increase blood(More)