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IMPORTANCE Many people meditate to reduce psychological stress and stress-related health problems. To counsel people appropriately, clinicians need to know what the evidence says about the health benefits of meditation. OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of meditation programs in improving stress-related outcomes (anxiety, depression, stress/distress,(More)
Inflammatory perivascular cuffs are comprised of leucocytes that accumulate in the perivascular space around post-capillary venules before their infiltration into the parenchyma of the central nervous system. Inflammatory perivascular cuffs are commonly found in the central nervous system of patients with multiple sclerosis and in the animal model(More)
OBJECTIVE There is considerable practice variation and clinical uncertainty about the choice of prophylaxis for preventing venous thromboembolism in patients with traumatic brain injury. We performed a systematic review to assess both the effectiveness and safety of pharmacologic and mechanical prophylaxis, and the optimal time to initiate pharmacologic(More)
— Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm in which the resources such as processors, storage and software applications are provided as services, remotely over the Internet. The software applications in the cloud may be targeted on different platforms. As is evident, the software technologies are evolving constantly. But, as newer software(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consists of low power nodes, with limited processing, communication, and storage. The networks are made up of tiny nodes which are becoming future of many applications, but due to deployment nature the sensor nodes are prone to physical attacks against the adversaries and resource limitations raises some serious question to(More)
Mice lacking the transcription factor NF-E2 p45-related factor 2 (Nrf2) develop more severe nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), with cirrhosis, than wild-type (Nrf2(+/+)) mice when fed a high-fat (HF) diet for 24 weeks. Although NASH is usually associated with insulin resistance, HF-fed Nrf2(-/-) mice exhibited better insulin sensitivity than HF-fed(More)
Cloud computing, a more recent computing paradigm, has evolved from a variety of legacy technologies that include Service oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services besides several others. The software services in a cloud must be developed based on the service-oriented approach, in order to derive their full potential and benefits. Since, SOA inherently(More)
Research has established that chronic stress, including traumatic events, leads to adverse health outcomes. The literature has primarily used two approaches: examining the effect of acute stress in a laboratory setting and examining the link between chronic stress and negative health outcomes. However, the potential health impact of a single or acute(More)