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This paper describes a hidden Markov model (HMM) based approach to perform search interface segmentation. Automatic processing of an interface is a must to access the invisible contents of deep Web. This entails automatic segmentation, i.e., the task of grouping related components of an interface together. While it is easy for a human to discern the logical(More)
The star schema is widely accepted as the de facto data model for data warehouse design. A popular approach for developing a star schema is to develop it from an entity-relationship diagram with some heuristics. Most of the existing approaches analyze the semantics of an ERD to generate a star schema. In this paper, we present the SAMSTAR method, which(More)
This paper presents a survey on the major approaches to search interface understanding. The Deep Web consists of data that exist on the Web but are inaccessible via text search engines. The traditional way to access these data, i.e., by manually filling-up HTML forms on search interfaces, is not scalable given the growing size of Deep Web. Automatic access(More)
We describe an application of DNorm – a mathematically principled and high performing methodology for disease recognition and normalization, even in the presence of term variation – to clinical notes. DNorm consists of a text processing pipeline, including the BANNER named entity recognizer to locate diseases in the text, and a novel machine learning(More)
This paper presents a tool that automatically generates multidimensional schemas for data warehouses from OLTP entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs). Based on user’s input parameters, it generates star schemas, snowflake schemas, or a fact constellation schema by taking advantage of only structural information of input ERDs. Hence, SAMSTARplus can help users(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS External pancreatic fistula (EPF) is a common sequel to surgical or percutaneous intervention for infective complications of acute severe pancreatitis. The present study was aimed at studying the clinical profile, course and outcome of patients with EPF following surgical or percutaneous management of these infective complications. METHODS(More)
The coexistence of incomplete pancreas divisum, an anomalous choledochopancreatic duct junction, and a choledochal cyst is an extremely rare condition, described in only 3 patients in the available medical literature. The symptoms may be similar to any of these 3 distinct pathological conditions. Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography or endoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with long-standing extrahepatic portal venous obstruction (EHPVO) develop extensive collaterals in the hepatoduodenal ligament as a result of enlargement of the periportal veins. These patients are also prone to develop obstructive jaundice as a result of strictures and/or choledocholithiasis. Surgical management of obstructive jaundice(More)
BACKGROUND This article describes capture of biological information using a hybrid approach that combines natural language processing to extract biological entities and crowdsourcing with annotators recruited via Amazon Mechanical Turk to judge correctness of candidate biological relations. These techniques were applied to extract gene- mutation relations(More)