Ritu Bhargava

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The advent of Digital Fingerprint processing system motivates to review new concepts of fingerprint matching algorithm. One of the important, fingerprint matching is minutiae-based. Minutiae-based techniques are work on substructure pair. These substructure pairs are basically, ridge ending and bifurcation points. All the biometric techniques have received(More)
Digital Terrain Modeling, the Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) is a representation of a surface derived from irregularly spaced sample points and break line features. Paper deals with the basic concept of Delauney’s triangulation method with its practical approach in ArcGIS. The next section describes the process to convert mass points to TIN model and(More)
The performance of Fingerprint Recognition is totally dependent on the Fingerprint Image Quality, because Fingerprint Recognition is the processing of Digital Image. The quality of fingerprint images influences by both environmental and scanner's surface. This paper analyzes the Fingerprint Recognition, Matching. The Minutiae-based matching technique(More)
The wireless network increases the mobility of devices day by day. In this case energetic devices perform an important role. Mobile Ad-hoc network is the network which is moves dynamically and creates its own visibility. The AODV is the protocol of Mobile ad-hoc network in which it is work as reactive routing protocol. The implementation of this protocol,(More)
Euclidean distance is one of the oldest methods for mapping distance between two points. It is highly demandable for matching process. Recently there are many techniques for matching fingerprints. Using Euclidean distance, minutiae based fingerprint matching gives accurate matching results. Euclidean Distance is a distance matching technique which is(More)
Recommendation systems now days are the heart of success stories for business and optimization of resources. The accurate prediction of business decision accurately depends on heuristic algorithms used for analytics. Classical algorithms used for the data mining find their utility to perform with the new challenges considering key factors for improvement.(More)
Mobile devices are the fundamental requirement of communication network where user wants to freely move without breaking the signal. The Mobile devices today are capable enough to communicate independently. A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a group of wireless mobile nodes which can communicate without any pre-existing infrastructure by creating dynamic(More)
This paper presents the clustering mechanism implemented across the sensing nodes of Wireless Networks. The paper discusses the nodal architecture of sensing network and the issues which raise the instabilities in Network processes during its implementation in practical environment. Also the standard routing protocols are also described and evaluated for(More)