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BACKGROUND Underweight and overweight may affect reproduction and interfere with treatment of infertility. The purpose of this report is to describe the independent effect of body weight on treatment with IVF and ICSI. METHODS Records of 5019 IVF or ICSI treatments in 2660 couples were reviewed. The influence of body mass index (BMI) on treatment outcome(More)
STUDY QUESTION Do women who give birth after assisted reproductive technology (ART) have an increased risk of cancer compared with women who give birth without ART? SUMMARY ANSWER Without correction, the results indicate an increase in overall cancer risk, as well as a 50% increase in risk of CNS cancer for women giving birth after ART, however the(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate, using an embryo donation model, whether impaired oocyte/embryo developmental competence and/or changes in uterine milieu are responsible for the previously observed adverse effects of superovulation with gonadotrophins on implantation and fetal development in mice. Embryos from superovulated and non-stimulated(More)
BACKGROUND Down-regulation with GnRH agonist has been suggested to result in a profound suppression of LH bioactivity, reduced estradiol synthesis, and thus impaired IVF and pregnancy outcome. The aims of this study were: (i) to assess the usefulness of serum LH measurement on stimulation day 1 as a predictor of ovarian response, conception and pregnancy(More)
BACKGROUND Cells isolated from the periovulatory ovarian follicle are often used as a model of ovarian steroidogenesis and corpus luteum formation. The follicular fluid-derived cell (FFDC) population is, however, heterogeneous and in addition to granulosa-lutein cells, non-steroidogenic cells are also present. These non-steroidogenic cells, especially the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE An increasing number of children are born after assisted reproductive technology (ART), and monitoring their long-term health effects is of interest. This study compares cancer risk in children conceived by ART to that in children conceived without. METHODS The Medical Birth Registry of Norway contains individual information on(More)
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