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A Compressed Sensing Approach to Group-testing for COVID-19 Detection
We propose Tapestry, a novel approach to pooled testing with application to COVID-19 testing with quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) that can result in shorter testing time and conservationExpand
Tapestry: A Single-Round Smart Pooling Technique for COVID-19 Testing
Tapestry, a novel quantitative nonadaptive pooling scheme to test many samples using only a few tests to identify the status of each individual sample with a single round of testing in fewer tests than simple two-round pooling. Expand
YFa and analogs: investigation of opioid receptors in smooth muscle contraction.
YFa revealed its side-effect-free analgesic properties with regard to arrest of gastrointestinal transit and provided evidences for the involvement of κ and anti-opioid receptors in smooth muscle contraction. Expand
Genital Candida in Patients with Sexually Transmitted Infections âÂÂAn Innocent Bystander or a Pathogenic Culprit?.
The role of genital inflammation by Candida is suggested as a significant cofactor in STI acquisition and existence of genital Candida as colonizer or pathogen in patients attending sexually transmitted disease (STD) Clinic is suggested. Expand