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14 Days of supplementation with blueberry extract shows anti-atherogenic properties and improves oxidative parameters in hypercholesterolemic rats model
Abstract The effects of supplementation with blueberry (BE) extract (Vaccinium ashei Reade) for 14 consecutive days on biochemical, hematological, histopathological and oxidative parameters inExpand
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28-days dietary supplementation with golden flaxseed improves biochemical and oxidative parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome
Abstract The effects of supplementation with golden flaxseed for 28 days on anthropometric, blood pressure, biochemical and oxidative parameters in patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) wereExpand
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Clozapine linked to nanocapsules minimizes tissue and oxidative damage to biomolecules lipids, proteins and DNA in brain of rats Wistar
Clozapine, atypical antipsychotic, can change oxidative stress parameters. It is known that reactive species, in excess, can have a crucial role in the etiology of diseases, as well as, canExpand
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Protective Role of Golden Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) Against Oxidative Damage in Lipids and Proteins of Healthy Volunteers
Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) is composed mainly of bioactive components such as polyphenols, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber and lignans. Flaxseed can be found in different presentation formsExpand
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Extract of Citrus maxima (pummelo) leaves improve hepatoprotective activity in Wistar rats submitted to the induction of non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis.
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a spectrum of liver changes, ranging from hepatic steatosis to hepatocellular carcinoma. The Citrus maxima (CM) has been shown to be beneficial to the organism,Expand
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Vitamin D Supplementation Reverses DNA Damage and Telomeres Shortening Caused by Ovariectomy in Hippocampus of Wistar Rats
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of ovariectomy (OVX), a surgical model of menopause, and/or vitamin D (VIT D) supplementation on oxidative status, DNA damage, and telomere lengthExpand
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Yacon leaf extract supplementation demonstrates neuroprotective effect against memory deficit related to β-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity
Abstract Yacon is an Andean plant used as food and medicine; it is rich in phenolic compounds with several activities described. Thus, we investigated the neuroprotective effects of the leaves andExpand
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Antioxidative properties of 14-day supplementation with Yacon leaf extract in a hypercholesterolemic rat model
Yacon leaves are rich in phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant activity. The objective of this study was to evaluate the antioxidant effects of a Yacon leaf hydroalcoholic extract inExpand
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Metabolites of nitric oxide as a marker cardiometabolic in blacks
Background The black population has a high cardiometabolic risk, however low incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS). In this context, there seems to be a paradox related to the diagnostic criteria ofExpand
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As doencas cardiovasculares (DCV) sao causa crescente e relevante de obitos em todo o mundo. Alteracao de lipideos circulantes constitui o maior fator de impacto no desenvolvimento da doencaExpand