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The mandibular canal transmits the inferior alveolar artery, vein and the inferior alveolar nerve. From an embryological perspective, there might be three inferior dental nerves innervating three groups of mandibular teeth. During rapid prenatal growth and remodeling in the ramus region there is spread of intramembranous ossification that eventually forms(More)
Dengue is a common arboviral infection in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes and caused by infection with one of the 4 serotypes of dengue virus. Neurologic manifestations are increasingly recognised but the exact incidence is unknown. Dengue infection has a wide spectrum of neurological complications such as(More)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) belongs to a group of prion diseases that may be caused by the abnormal folding of proteins called prion proteins. The 'Heidenhain variant' is a subclass of patients with CJD, who present with isolated visual symptoms at the onset without any cognitive decline. Here we report such a case of an elderly man presenting with(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the incidence and clinical spectrum of neurologic complications, predictors of central and peripheral nervous system involvement, and their outcome in patients with dengue virus infection (DENV). METHODS To determine the extent of neurologic complications, we used a hospital-based prospective cohort study design,(More)
Foot-drop is a rare but important manifestation of intracranial pathologies ranging from space-occupying lesions to cerebrovascular accidents. Being most commonly associated with peripheral nerve lesions or radicular compressions, it remains an underappreciated feature of central-structural abnormalities. We describe an interesting case of a 14-year-old boy(More)
A 30-year-old woman presented with headache and diminution of vision of 2 weeks' duration. Visual acuity was finger counting at 1 meter in the right eye. Fundus examination showed a subretinal cyst (figure 1A). Neurologic examination was normal. Neuroimaging revealed neurocysticercosis (figure 2A). Ultrasound orbit showed subretinal cysticercosis (figure(More)
Laryngeal carcinoma is rarely associated with paraneoplastic syndrome. Inflammatory myopathy presenting as paraneoplastic event is commonly associated with carcinomas of ovary, lung, pancreas, stomach, colorectal, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. We report a case of elderly male, who presented with proximal muscle weakness and found to be associated with(More)
Lacunar syndrome is a neurodeficit secondary to a deep cerebral lesion, usually because of microatheroma of small arteries. Ataxic hemiparesis (AH) is a lacunar syndrome with unilateral pyramidal weakness and ipsilateral ataxia. Thalamic tuberculoma, as a cause of AH, has not been previously described in the literature. We describe an elderly man who(More)
Unilateral focal neuromyotonia has been rarely reported in fingers or extraocular muscles. We report a case of segmental neuromyotonia in a 20-year-old boy who presented to us with intermittent tightness in right upper limb. Electromyography revealed myokymic and neuromyotonic discharges in proximal as well as distal muscles of the right upper limb.(More)
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