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GPUTeraSort: high performance graphics co-processor sorting for large database management
Overall, the results indicate that using a GPU as a co-processor can significantly improve the performance of sorting algorithms on large databases.
Efficient beacon placement for network tomography
A two-pronged approach is used to compute an efficient beacon set and shows that the latter problem is NP-complete and uses an approximate placement algorithm that yields beacon sets of sizes within 1+1+1 of the optimal solution.
Towards a Queue Sensitilve Transport Protocol
  • Ritesh Kumar, J. Kaur
  • Computer Science
    IEEE International Performance, Computing and…
  • 1 December 2008
This paper argues that a congestion control algorithm which used queuing delay feedback from routers can reduce the buffer occupancy of routers without sacrificing response time performance of connections, and designs two new protocals-EDN and PEDN-and shows that these two protocols can help manage the trade-off between maintaining low buffer occupancy and providing high TCP throughput.
Restructuring Distributed Algorithms for Mobile Computing Environment
We present a formalization of a subclass of distributed algorithms (which are used more often in a mobile computing environment) and give principles or thumb rules which must be followed so that the