Ritesh Kumar

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We present a novel external sorting algorithm using graphics processors (GPUs) on large databases composed of billions of records and wide keys. Our algorithm uses the data parallelism within a GPU along with task parallelism by scheduling some of the memory-intensive and compute-intensive threads on the GPU. Our new sorting architecture provides multiple(More)
In plants, auxin functions as a master controller of development, pattern formation, morphogenesis, and tropic responses. A sophisticated transport system has evolved to allow the establishment of precise spatiotemporal auxin gradients that regulate specific developmental programs. A critical unresolved question relates to how these gradients can be(More)
We have recently identified and classified a cystathionine β-synthase domain containing protein family in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) and rice (Oryza sativa L.). Based on the microarray and MPSS data, we have suggested their involvement in stress tolerance. In this study, we have characterized a rice protein of unknown function, OsCBSX4. This gene(More)
Recent interest in using tomography for network monitoring has raised the fundamental issue of whether it is possible to use only a small number of probing nodes (beacons) for monitoring all edges of a network in the presence of dynamic routing. Past work has shown that minimizing the number of beacons is NP-hard, and has provided approximate solutions that(More)
Transdermal drug technology specialists are continuing to search for new methods that can effectively and painlessly deliver larger molecules in therapeutic quantities to overcome the difficulties associated with the oral route, namely poor bioavailability due to hepatic metabolism (first pass) and the tendency to produce rapid blood level spikes (both high(More)
Intracranial meningeal hemangiopericytoma (HPC) represents a rare and aggressive intracranial neoplasm located along the dural sinuses. It constitutes less than 1 % of all intracranial tumors and approximately 2–4 % of all meningeal tumors. The authors present our institute’s experience in combined modality management of 15 successive patients of HPC. We(More)
Neurological manifestations of HIV infection and AIDS are being recognized with a frequency that parallels the increasing number of AIDS cases. Next to sub-Saharan Africa, India has the second largest burden of HIV related pathology, essentially caused by HIV-1 clade C in both the geographic locales, in contrast to USA and Europe. But the true prevalence of(More)
In prokaryotes, alteration in gene expression was observed with the modification of DNA, especially DNA methylation. Such changes are inherited from generation to generation with no alterations in the DNA sequence and represent the epigenetic signal in prokaryotes. DNA methyltransferases are enzymes involved in DNA modification and thus in epigenetic(More)
For determining the effect of tree-age on the fuel properties of Eucalyptus hybrid, the variability in basic density, calorific value, proximate and ultimate parameters of 2–6 years old trees and mature trees (20-year-old), grown under short rotation forestry regime, were measured and analyzed. Results show that there was no significant variation in the(More)
In this study, pyrolysis of Lantana camara stem biomass was carried out at different carbonization temperature i.e., 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 °C. The effect carbonization temperature on yield and energy value of charcoal was investigated. The fuel properties parameters (calorific value, ash, volatile content, fixed carbon content etc.) of charcoal(More)