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In this work we look into the domain of process security from a service perspective. Most often process security has been enacted through service level agreements (SLA) and business agreements. However, in a multi-party environment such as business process outsourcing (BPO) where processes themselves are offered as a service, the qualitative nature of SLA(More)
Security policy satisfiability and high failure resilience (i.e. survivabil-ity) are desirable properties of every system. Security issues and failure resilience are usually treated in stand alone mode and not in synergy. In this paper, we bridge this gap for workflows. We propose techniques which ensure that user-task assignment is both secure and failure(More)
Shortest path computation has always been a subject of study and research in the history of computer science. In this paper we introduce and initiate the study of the problem of finding the shortest path in a privacy preserving manner, in presence of single convex polygonal obstacle. We also propose an efficient, elegant and simple solution for the problem.
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