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Estimation of Kullback-Leibler amount of information is a crucial part of deriving a statistical model selection procedure which i s based on likelihood principle like AIC. To discriminate nested models , we h a ve to estimate it up to the order of constant while the Kullback-Leibler information itself is of the order of the number of observations. A(More)
A gamma-ray burst of 28 August 1997 was localized by the All-Sky Monitor on the Rossi XTE satellite and its coordinates were promptly disseminated. An ASCA followup started 1.17 days after the burst as a Target of Opportunity Observation and detected an X-ray afterglow. The spectral data displayed a hump around ∼ 5 keV and an absorption column of 7.1 × 10(More)
The temperature distribution of the intracluster medium (ICM) in the Virgo cluster of galaxies has been derived from extensive mapping observations with ASCA covering an area of 19 deg 2. In the spectral analysis, the inner region within a radius of ∼ 60 ′ from M87 is characterized by an ICM temperature of kT ∼ 2.5 keV with little variation. On the other(More)
Abell 115 exhibits two distinct peaks in the surface brightness distribution. ASCA observation shows a significant temperature variation in this cluster, confirmed by a hardness ratio analysis and spectral fits. A linking region between main and sub clusters shows a high temperature compared with other regions. Two possibilities are examined as the cause of(More)
A stochastic model of swimming speed over the course of a male 200m freestyle swimming race is proposed. It builds on a dynamical model reflecting the trade-off between drag and propulsion in swimming. The parameters of the model are estimated from elapsed time data observed at several points along the pool. The model fits the data well and also provides a(More)
Seven diierent Japanese Yen interest rates recorded on a daily basis for the period from 1986 to 1992 are simultaneously analyzed. By introducing a new concept of short term trend", we decompose each i n terest rate series into three components, long term trend", short term trend" and irregular" by a two step lowess smoothing procedure. Furthermore, a(More)
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