Ritabrata Sengupta

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A real time, highly decentralized, adaptive traac signal optimization method, ALLONS-D, based on the Rolling Horizon Dynamic Programming technique, is presented in this paper. We describe the basic architecture , the system model, and the optimization scheme of ALLONS-D. We compare ALLONS-D with other approaches to signal control via several sets of(More)
The second set of times above is identical to that of enabling times. Identification of the first set above is ensured by Conditions 2) and 4). Finally, Conditions 2) and 4) ensure that we can extract all interrupted times, which are the time epochs when the state transits from Se to S c e due to the occurrence of an event other than e: Necessity: We use(More)
In this paper, we propose a new operation, Generalised Sequential Crossover (GSCO) of words, which in some sense an abstract model of crossing over of the chromosomes in the living organisms. We extend GSCO over language L iteratively (GSCO * (L) as well as iterated GSCO over two languages GSCO * (L1, L2)). Our study reveals that GSCO * (L) is subclass of(More)
Theory of splicing is an abstract model of the recombinant behaviour of DNAs. In a splicing system, two strings to be spliced are taken from the same set and the splicing rule is from another set. Here we propose a generalised splicing (GS) model with three components, two strings from two languages and a splicing rule from third component. We propose a(More)
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