Rita Winkler

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Climate warming is projected to affect forest water yields but the effects are expected to vary. We investigated how forest type and age affect water yield resilience to climate warming. To answer this question, we examined the variability in historical water yields at long-term experimental catchments across Canada and the United States over 5-year cool(More)
The Boltzmann equation corresponding to a general "multiterm" representation of the phase space distribution function f(r,c,t) for charged particles in a gas in an electric field was reformulated entirely in terms of spherical tensors f(l)(m) some time ago, and numerous applications, including extension to time varying and crossed electric and magnetic(More)
Neutron-rich N=22, 24, 26 magnesium isotopes were studied via in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy at the RIKEN Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory following secondary fragmentation reactions on a carbon target at ≈200 MeV/nucleon. In the one- and two-proton removal channels from 39Al and 40Si beams, two distinct γ-ray transitions were observed in 38Mg, while in the(More)
We have studied calculated collective contributions to nuclear binding and separation energies and find that there is a deeper and much more sensitive link to nuclear structure than previously recognized or expected, especially near midshell in medium mass and heavy nuclei. As a consequence, measured masses may help understand the structure of well-deformed(More)
This chapter provides an overview of commonly used forest hydrology measurements, focussing on the limitations of both the variables measured and the measurement methods. The various section authors provide an overview of different measurement methods and common limitations and cautions for the application/interpretation of collected data (e.g.,(More)
The first spectroscopy of excited states in 52Ni (T(z)=-2) and 51Co (T(z)=-3/2) has been obtained using the highly selective two-neutron knockout reaction. Mirror energy differences between isobaric analogue states in these nuclei and their mirror partners are interpreted in terms of isospin nonconserving effects. A comparison between large-scale(More)
Intermediate-energy Coulomb excitation measurements are performed on the N ≥ 40 neutron-rich nuclei (66,68)Fe and (64)Cr. The reduced transition matrix elements providing a direct measure of the quadrupole collectivity B(E2;2(1)(+) → 0(1)(+)) are determined for the first time in (68)Fe(42) and (64)Cr(40) and confirm a previous recoil distance method(More)
The spin density matrix for spin-3/2 hole systems can be decomposed into a sequence of multipoles which has important higher-order contributions beyond the ones known for electron systems [R. Winkler, Phys. Rev. B 70, 125301 (2004)]. We show here that the hole spin polarization and the higher-order multipoles can precess due to the spin-orbit coupling in(More)