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Climate warming is projected to affect forest water yields but the effects are expected to vary. We investigated how forest type and age affect water yield resilience to climate warming. To answer this question, we examined the variability in historical water yields at long-term experimental catchments across Canada and the United States over 5-year cool(More)
The Boltzmann equation corresponding to a general "multiterm" representation of the phase space distribution function f(r,c,t) for charged particles in a gas in an electric field was reformulated entirely in terms of spherical tensors f(l)(m) some time ago, and numerous applications, including extension to time varying and crossed electric and magnetic(More)
Intermediate-energy Coulomb excitation measurements are performed on the N ≥ 40 neutron-rich nuclei (66,68)Fe and (64)Cr. The reduced transition matrix elements providing a direct measure of the quadrupole collectivity B(E2;2(1)(+) → 0(1)(+)) are determined for the first time in (68)Fe(42) and (64)Cr(40) and confirm a previous recoil distance method(More)
We report on the first experimental study of quadrupole collectivity in the very neutron-rich nuclei (47,48)Ar using intermediate-energy Coulomb excitation. These nuclei are located along the path from doubly magic Ca to collective S and Si isotopes, a critical region of shell evolution and structural change. The deduced B(E2) transition strengths are(More)
Excited, low-spin states in 130 Ce are populated in the β + // decay of 130 Pr and studied through off-beam γ-ray spectroscopy at the Yale moving tape collector. New coincidence data lead to the construction of a substantially revised level scheme. The low-lying states of 130 Ce are compared with the predictions of the X(5) critical-point model and the(More)
We present a novel technique for studying the quenching of shell gaps in exotic isotopes. The method is based on extracting Gamow-Teller (ΔL=0, ΔS=1) transition strengths [B(GT)] to low-lying states from charge-exchange reactions at intermediate beam energies. These Gamow-Teller strengths are very sensitive to configuration mixing between cross-shell(More)
We show that the spin-current response of a semiconductor crystal to an external electric field is considerably more complex than previously assumed. While in systems of high symmetry only the spin-Hall components are allowed, in systems of lower symmetry other non-spin-Hall components may be present. We argue that, when spin-orbit interactions are present(More)
The neutron-deficient nucleus 107 Sn has been studied by using the one-neutron knockout reaction. By measuring the decay γ rays and momentum distributions of reaction residues, the spins of the ground, 5/2 + , and first-excited, 7/2 + , states of 107 Sn have been assigned by comparisons to eikonal-model reaction calculations. Limits on the inclusive and(More)